I'm David,
and I'm 55 years young!

How A Rogue Doctor's Scientific Breakthrough Helped Me Stop Insulin Injections In Just 3 Weeks...And Reverse My Diabetes In Under 3 Months

I’d like to share my short story that I know will resonate with you…

My whole world came crashing down around me when I had a sudden heart attack caused by symptoms I didn't even know I had.

Since then I've tried:

  • The 21 day fix
  • Atkins
  • Jenny Craig
  • Weight Watchers
  • Low-carb diets
  • Gluten-free diets

I've tried pretty much every kind of popular program out there and at first, I'd do okay. I'd follow all of the rules for each program. I'd eat what they told me to eat and I'd avoid all of the "bad" stuff.

But undoubtedly after a few weeks, I would slip into my normal patterns. Eating stuff I shouldn't. Forgetting to count my calories. Not portioning my meals. Etc.

I mean, how can anyone live like this?

I felt like a lab rat!

…until a random visit to my family doctor turned my life upside down.

It was a Wednesday morning.

I was out doing my regular morning jog at a nearby park when I noticed it was getting harder and harder to run.

I began to feel a burning sensation on the right side of my stomach and throbbing chest pains which made me drop to my hands and knees.

My breathing was harsh as if I was having a severe asthma attack and I started to break into a cold sweat.

Something was seriously wrong and I knew I had to get myself to the hospital fast.

After a bunch of tests, I finally sat there in the office waiting to see the doctor.

After what seemed like forever, he finally entered the room.

I could tell immediately from the look on his face when he walked in the room something wasn’t right. I immediately began to feel nervous.

He began to tell me that I was pre-diabetic, that my LDL levels (bad cholesterol) had significantly increased, that I had hypothyroidism, and that my BMI was over 40. And because of my weight I was also starting to show signs of heart disease.

My mind began to race. I felt like I needed to swallow but I couldn’t and my heart started pounding.

In that moment, reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I took a deep breath and when I exhaled, the tears started flowing.

I continued to cry for what seemed like forever. It was an utterly helpless feeling.

Somehow I felt this all must be my fault, as unfair as it seemed, even though I'd done my best to follow the rules and advice from all these programs.

I realized in that moment that unless I figured out how to get myself back into shape quickly, there was a good chance I would become a burdeon to my husband and my daughter for the rest of my life.

In all honesty, I very nearly gave up in that moment, but then something inside me snapped... and I decided, I wasn't just going to accept what my doctor was telling me.

All those programs I bought and the useless "usual advice" I tried to follow, had failed. There had to be another option, and I was determined to find it.

When I got home, I started researching like crazy, and what I found was shocking.

To my surprise, I discoverd that all these diet programs I had tried actually forced my body into "survival mode" which was causing my body to hang on to fat instead of burn it.

When I discovered this, I could barely believe it.

Could it really be true?

In my search, I stumbled across a man named Wes Virgin (who was known in certain circles as "The Body Transformation Expert") who had uncovered the REAL cause of excess body fat and was changing the way people lose weight as we know it forever.

This new method works by "kickstarting" a process in the kidneys called "metabolic acidosis".

Desperate and willing to try anything, I followed the method exactly the way Wes suggested.

After just 7 days I was able to easily stick both of my arms in my jeans with room to spare.

It was working!

And the best part was... on the last week of using Wes's unconventional method I had lost a total of 38 lbs!

...all thanks to the simple steps Wes had pioneered.

Fast forward a the day I'd been dreading: My next appointment with my doctor.

Even though I was seeing stellar results, I still had my doubts whether it was real or just a temporary fluke.

So I went to the hospital, and they ran their tests, and then I waited in the exam room.

It took forever as they double checked my results.

Was something wrong?

Finally, my doctor came back.

"What did you do?" he asked, looking at his clipboard.

For a second, I thought he was mad at me.

"What did you change?" he asked again. "A new diet?"

So I told him everything.

"Well," he said, "that probably just saved your life."

"As healthy as these tests look, you could live to be a hundred."

"4 weeks ago you had about the worst case of cholesterol buildup I’ve ever seen. And now it’s like you never had it at all. It’s a miracle."

Since I followed Wes Virgin's unconventional method, here are the SHOCKING results I experienced that I will always consider a true miracle:

  1. I kick started my kidneys, saving my health and my life. I wake up each day feeling happier, healthier and lighter than I've ever felt before!
  2. I'll never again have to take expensive medication for high cholesterol. I've always hated taking prescription drugs, and I never got used to the unwanted side effects... well never again!
  3. I'll never again have to feel like a burden to my husband or daughter. I'm now in complete control over my weight and my health!
  4. I was finally free. I could go hiking, or to the beach, or go on any vacation with my family and not worry about how tired I would get, or what food I could eat.

Since then, something else amazing has happened and it’s the main reason I’m sitting at my desk writing this letter now.

Wes Virgin is an amazing person who is not only brilliant but also a natural teacher with a big heart. My life and the lives of so many others have been changed so much by Wes’s unconventional method that we encouraged him to share his method with men and women everywhere.

Wes has since made it his personal mission in life to share his method with men and women all across the world.

If you’re a man or a woman who has struggled with losing weight, you owe it to yourself to watch the presentation which you can find right here.

Turn up your speakers and click the play button to watch now.

I really hope it has even a fraction of the impact on your life that it has had on mine because the information you're about to learn has forever changed my life.

Watch video

Click Here to watch the video

I really hope it has the same impact on you as it did on me. Because the information you're about to learn has literally saved my life.

– Patricia